Wellcome to the Alquimir Kingdom

History of Alquimir Kingdom

The curse happened!


In medieval times, around the year 1128 BC, humanity was at its peak for the discovery of new lands, power, recognition, which could thus bring to planet earth the promised prosperity and eternity. A rebellion of the King's Soldiers, trained from childhood, the best of them all, went in search of the prophecy the King had told them!

The quest for power and discovery of new horizons, in the southern part of Gaul in March 1128! They traveled miles in search of prophecy, cold and icy nights, hunger, pain and sacrifice on the part of the soldiers, without ever questioning the mission and the word of the King!At 200 kilometers from Gaul, something strange was happening, a strong and bright light, which pulsed and was seen 500 meters away, caught the soldiers attention!

Afraid of what might happen, they all prepared and advanced in a defensive position, forming a battalion in the first line with shields, in the second line soldiers with spears and in the third line archers, with the knights covering the flanks of the entire block!

They advance slowly until they reach the focus of the light, when they find that the light came from under the earth! It took days of digging non-stop until they came to the focus of light, a strangely shaped stone....

It glowed intensely with a symbol in the middle that looked like a letter D, where it was more visible, with each pulse of light, little did they know that this stone would be the end of humanity's reign on earth and the rebirth of a new era.

When the battalion general picks up the stone, a curse is launched on planet earth where all humans disappear and a portal opens, this portal was the passage of a dimension from another galaxy, from this galaxy everyone entered the planet earth... a new era has begun, the era of the Wolves of Alquimir!!!